9 Lost Arrow, Angle, Knifeblade, Z-Ton Pitons & Cliffhanger Hook - Aid Climbing

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3 Lost Arrow #s Grivel L5 and Lost Arrow #s 2 and 6.

2 Angles, sizes similar to #2 and #3 or 4 by BD (BD one has been sawed off "stubby" style)

1 BD Cliffhanger Hook, sharpened to a point.

1 Chouinard Knifeblade Size #1 (seen the most use and is well used, still functional)

2 Leeper Z-tons, 2 different sizes.

Any of the pitons where we cannot confirm sizes we provide at least 2 sizes, and the ones where we are sure of the sizes only have one size. HOWEVER, if we say there are no double sizes that is accurate. Also please refer to the pictures for sizes etc. most of these do not have the size # on them and information on them is not reliable, we do our best to give you sizes but may be be off.