CAMP Alp Racing Harness

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  • Lighter than light and still comfortable!
  • Innovative webbing construction
  • Packs down to the size of a small fist
  • Fully tested and certified according to UIAA and CE norms
  • Pre-Threaded buckle on the waist
  • Reinforced single tie-in point
  • One carabiner loop on each side of the waist belt
  • Rep Samples, either with or without boxes. These were displays at some events, so they might have cosmetic blemishes, but they have never been used, not even inside. Any clothing has been visually inspected and has no known defects, stains, rips, pulled stitching, etc.

  • Size Waist Legs
    cm in cm in
    S Waist 26.8 – 30.7 inches Legs 20.1 – 22 inches
    M Waist 29.5 – 33.5 inches Legs 21.7 – 23.6 inches
    L Waist  32.3 – 36.2 inches  Legs  23.2 – 25.2 inches
    XL Waist 35-39 inches         Lega  24.8 – 25.6 inches

The Alp Racing is a new innovative, superlight and comfortable harness designed to take the competitive ski mountaineering world by storm. The combination of lighter weight and greater comfort is accomplished using an innovative webbing with structural transparent longitudinal yarns that allow wider cross sections for greater comfort and support without increasing weight. Features a reinforced single tie-in point and a pre-threaded buckle on the waist.