Camp Alpina Mountaineering Axe, 57cm- Cosmetic Blemish

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With its super-strong T-rated construction on the head and shaft, the Alpina is the right choice for intensive use on rugged alpine terrain. The unique forged chromoly steel head delivers superior strength and durability. A refi ned pick provides excellent performance both when swinging into ice and during a self arrest. The curve and arc of the adze have been optimized for maximum cutting performance, a feature greatly appreciated when chopping a platform.

Rugged T-rated pick and shaft (CE-UIAA type 2)

Forged chromoly steel head

Ergonomic head design for a comfortable grip

Asymmetric steel spike plunges smoothly

Equipped with the technical Alpina leash (1304)

Carabiner holes at the head and spike for easy clipping

Weighs just 17.4 oz

Length 57cm

Cosmetic Blemish - A couple scratches from setting on a shelf too much.