CAMP Dryad Pro Double Pulley

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The Dryad Pro is a high-efficiency compact double pulley designed for quick and easy haul systems.

Display model so a bit scratched up (cosmetic blemishes) but never used.

  • Compact double pulley
  • Sealed ball bearings for high efficiency (92%)
  • Aluminum alloy body and sheaves, stainless steel axle
  • Prusik-minding
  • For ropes up to 13 mm
  • It uses the same design as the Dryad, but features sealed ball bearings for higher efficiency and intensive use at higher speeds. It has a large primary attachment hole that accommodates two carabiners and a lower becket hole for one carabiner. Prusik knots can be installed on either side (aramid cord suggested) making it particularly useful for crevasse rescue scenarios.