La Sportiva GeckoGym Climbing Shoe - Unisex U.S. M/W 6.5/7.5

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La Sportiva Gecko Gym is a first climbing shoe that is designed for everyday indoor use. A climber’s best friend Gecko Gym is typically a slipper with a twist that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. This versatile shoe is constructed to offer technical functionality and durability in the unpredictable mountain environment as well as in your gym. Sample pairs straight from La Sportiva, have been tried on and are a bit scuffed, never used on a wall though.

Tried on a few times at the gym, thes may have some scuffs on the soles, but they have never been used.

Thanks to the washable upper WashTex, that is a breathable fabric and offers maximum durability and breathability. Also, the Frixion XS 2.0 on the sole enables the shoe to penetrate into the ground creating good friction and grip against the wet rocks while you are trail running or climbing mountains. La Sportiva Gecko Gym is an ideal shoe for heel hooking, climbing expeditions as 2 Velcro straps provides secure and stable positioning.

It is an ultimate sport shoe designed especially for all adventure-sport junkiesLa Sportiva Gecko Gym is the answer if you are looking for hiking or mountain climbing shoe that provides protection, traction and comfort.