Julbo Aero Sunglasses - Blue/Red Frame with REACTIV Zebra Light+ Photochromic Lenses Martin Fourcade LE

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The Aero was designed with input from world-class ultrarunners and weighs just under an ounce (26g) per pair, and is fully padded at the nose and temple to deliver a comfortable fit and feel for the entirety of your race. Fogging is always a threat during endurance races, so Julbo put vents between the top of the lenses and frame to keep a constant supply of air passing through the lenses. The frame also allows for optimum ventilation with a design that enables air to circulate along the bottom, top, and sides of the lenses, leaving your vision free of fog, even as you push it to the top of a long and grueling climb.
REACTIV Zebra Light+ Clear
Blue/Red Frame
  • Base 6 lens curvature
  • Full venting frame
  • Front venting
  • 3D fit nose
  • Grip Tech padded temples
  • Air Link temple system
  • Demos at some events, only tried on, never used. Comes in a Julbo soft pouch, no hard case.